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“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.”

Brian Tracy




Personal Wisdom:


In the spectrum of your being (values, intention, goal, will, thought, action, feelings), which parts feel in alignment for you?  Which parts feel out of alignment?


What can you do bring those parts into greater alignment?


Societal Wisdom:


Where is your society most out of alignment? 


What must happen to bring it into alignment?




a Moment with Sharif…




I think that the above quote sums up what Praxis is all about.


What causes us not to “go” as individuals?  Isn’t it when our values and emotions and goals and everything else gets out of whack?  You want to diet, and yet you hear that piece of chocolate cake calling you from the refrigerator.  You want to finish writing your term paper, and you want to go out with your friends.  You want to meditate more, and… well, just about EVERYTHING gets in the way of that goal!


So, our purpose with Praxis is to take a few moments, slow down, and consider things like our values, visions, goals and feelings.  To look at where we’re going by considering where we’ve been.  To live more purposeful lives.


Mr. Tracy left two related concepts out of his list: INTENTION and WILL.  Our life consists
of intentions – either ours or someone else’s.  What do we intend to happen in our world… and what do we give our will-power to?  If you have no intentions, you cannot exercise the power of your will – and it shrinks inside you, to the point that you cannot act, even when necessary. 


Nowadays, I see people who give up their will and their intentions to their six year olds.
They take as given that they will live their entire lives for the pleasure of a toddler.  That is a waste of their precious time, their spiritual gift, AND it is the opposite of what the child needs.The child needs to see their parents as purposeful… it’s how they learn to have intentions, visions and values of their own.  How many of today’s aimless youth had will-less parents?


While alignment is necessary for each of us as individuals, it is critical to the life of a society.  When our societal goals, visions, concepts and actions are out of alignment, the Mess that is created takes on epic (and deadly) proportions.


As a society, we want to rid ourselves of dependence on fossil fuels.  And, at the same time, we give tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies.  We want to rid ourselves of the
health damage caused by cigarettes – while giving subsidies and protection to tobacco companies.  The list of our societal inconsistencies is a mile long…


This is the result of receiving so many conflicting messages, from so many “authorities” (wearing white lab coats, ties… or sometimes both!).  This is the result of us not exercising our will, and aligning the various parts of our being.


People are out of alignment with each other – it’s how the political parties (both Left and Right) gain and maintain their power.  And, people are out of alignment with their government… around the world.  In the 38 countries I’ve been to, I know of only one where people feel that they are in alignment with their political leaders.  (I’ll let you guess which one… Or, you may have a candidate of your own.)


In the face of this, it is imperative that we focus on that which is important in our lives, and help others understand and achieve their own alignment, their own sense of balance.  Remember: you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself, first, before you will be in a position to influence and help others.








Transformation Exercises:


This week’s “Transformation” exercise: 


[Given the lateness of the hour, coupled with the fact that I’m feeling just a tad under the weather, there will not be an Exercise for the “Moment for Transformation” this week.]






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