Friday, 24 June 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…




There are two fundamental diseases, and they are really only one: anything that doesn’t allow change to happen, and anything that causes change to happen too quickly.”

Richard Moss, MD



Personal Wisdom:

What experiences do you have with change happening too quickly?

What experiences do you have with change not happening quickly enough?

Societal Wisdom:



a Moment with Sharif…


We come back to the issue of change.  Actually, we never leave!

Change is the constant, the dynamic principle of the Universe. We can look out into outer space and deep within our own being – at any level, at every level, we see change at work. Even after physical death, our physical bodies continue to undergo transformation (hair grows, nails grow, micro-organisms abound…). Our spiritual bodies as well.

Some change, however, does not occur at a pace that is healthy. Cells can divide too quickly and too erratically – we call that cancer. Blood can move too sluggishly through our veins.

We can also experience this “fundamental disease” on an emotional, psychological and
even spiritual level. How many of us have stayed in a relationship that was emotionally and
psychologically “dead”, but feared the unknown that change would bring?  How many of us have stayed in a soul-deadening job, yearning for a different life, yet not bringing ourselves to make a change?

I believe that, as a society, America is terminally constipated. We need movement… but our “leaders” are afraid of what that movement may bring – a reduction or removal of their powers and privileges. We need movement… but too many of us are employed in status quo occupations that hold back the necessary movement. We need movement… but too many of us believe the status quo supplies our security. We need movement… but fear of the unknown and lack of imagination holds too many of us back.

When the pressure for change builds to a certain point, systems and structures begin to break down, to accommodate the pressure for change. As we are learning from the failures of the dams, dikes and levees in the mid-West, built-up pressure can cause catastrophic results.

By taking deep, effective action NOW, we can avoid catastrophe later. If we are wise, we will learn to embrace change, not avoid it.




Awhile ago, I mentioned that I had developed an aversion to beets as a child. A number of you wanted to know how I developed that aversion.  It’s taken me awhile to respond, because (as is usual with my life), there is no simple answer.


When I was young, I identified beets with blood.


A few months ago, when I started eating beets, I noticed that it turned my feces red. I’ve
heard that beets can turn one’s urine red, if you have weakened kidneys. When I was young, I had weakened everything. And, since I was already taxing all of my mother’s resources to keep me alive, I could see me deciding not to tell her about a new problem. Keeping what I thought was a sickness became a secret… and an aversion. Way beyond conceptual thought.


So, why was I eating beets in the first place?  As I said in the “Moment” for 10 June:

Up until a few months ago, I was completely averse to eating beets, AND I had a LOT
of emotion around it! I thought beets were disgusting, nauseating, I couldn’t stand to smell them, or watch anyone else eating them.  That’s a lot of emotion!  And, it made no sense, since I understood them to be nutritious and healthy.”

In the personal spiritual work that I’ve been doing with Janet Sussman, she advised me to meditate on my aversions – but to go beyond the conceptual level, to access the deepest parts of my being. How best to access that which you cannot access with THOUGHT?
Well, best way to access my aversions was to wallow in one!

I was able to access a deep place, a chamber of my heart to which I had no access
through thought (meditative or otherwise). There was a lot of stuff in that chamber! I’ve been able to use my (former!) aversion to beets to access and clear a LOT of childhood stuff… I’ve cleaned out the closet!  (At least, for the time being…)

So… thanks to the beets!



All photos by Sharif Abdullah, unless otherwise noted.


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3 Responses to Friday, 24 June 2011

  1. Your “beets” story is fascinating and instructive. Remembering our stories and tracing their genesis gives us access to our aversions. Per usual, you are profoundly “on Point.” The thought process blocked access to your aversion. Your body, heart excavation..going beyond meditation….allowed you to unearth memories that led to your well being. Ruby Gibson, author of “My Body, My Earth, The Practice of Somatic Archaeology” uses a healing methodology/ process of becoming whole by curing our amnesia and remembering our stories. “When you dig, you remember; and when you remember, history is revealed; and when history is revealed, you clearly recognize the trail of stories that formulate your life.” ( We recently interviewed her, Wed 6/22/11. @, about Healing Through Somatic Archaeology. Your “beets” story seems to be an intuitive self-healing that parallels Ruby Gibson’s theory. Synchronicity is a divine phenomenon. Ain’t life Grand !! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Thunder, and thanks for the info and link on Ruby Gibson’s work! I am not familiar with her, and I’ll listen to her interview on “Talking Feather”. (It’s been awhile since I was on your program… hint, hint.)

      The term “Somatic Archaeology” is very potent. I know way too many people who paper over the entrance to their cave with cute aphorisms, rather than go exploring. The stuff that I’ve been dredging up has been… well, let’s just say “not pretty”. But deeply meaningful, relevant and needing to be aired out. (How long do we ignore that smell in the kitchen before we take out the garbage?)

      Thanks for the comment!



  2. Thunder Williams says:

    The “Welcome Mat” at the entrance to our Indigenous circle is always in place. We welcome the opportunity to dialogue with you across the airways. Whenever your schedule permits, we’re ON !!

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