Friday, 15 April 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…


“Quality of life does not have to do with income. Quality of life has to do with
having clean air, feeling safe in your
house, feeling that your children are safe on the streets, feeling that you are valued as a human being, that you have good relationships with other people, and that what you do feeds your soul and your day.”

Winona LaDuke

Personal Wisdom:

What is the quality of your life? Please take a moment to ponder all factors: physical, emotional, intimate, mental, spiritual.

What can you do to enhance the quality of life in those areas where it is not excellent?

The quality of your life is not separate from that of your community. Please take a
moment to ponder the quality of life in all of the communities in which you are a part. How can the quality of your community life be enhanced?

If you are not a part of any community… what does that say about the quality of your life?

Societal Wisdom:

In America, what is the “quality of life” for the average American? Looking past the hype and “We’re Number One!” rhetoric, what is the quality of life for the average American? Please consider all factors: physical, emotional, intimate, mental, spiritual.

What can be done to enhance the quality of life in our society?

a Moment with Sharif…


While we “know” that Winona’s statement is true, how many of us ACT like it’s true?

We feel good about going to a “transformative” weekend workshop, then go right back to our soul-sucking jobs on Monday morning. We protest the actions of trans-national corporations that pollute the Earth and push genetically-modified foods into our bodies – but keep our retirement money in banks and mutual funds that serve as the backbone of those same corporations.

Quality of life simply means valuing LIFE above all other values (including and especially “money”), then doing whatever we can to enhance and support the LIFE that surrounds us.

Today’s quote reminds us that the things that enhance the quality of one’s life are generally simple and elegant.

As my recent journey to San Francisco reminded me, the quality of my life cannot be separated from the lives of those around me. Walking around Union Square, seeing throngs of happy theater-goers, happy tourists… and not so happy street beggars, mentally (spiritually) ill people, disabled… It reminded me that the greatness of a city (or a community) is measured by how it treats (or ignores) the least of its citizens.




All photos by Sharif Abdullah, unless otherwise noted.


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