Monday, 12 April 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…


“If you expect to see the final results of your work…

… you simply have not asked a big enough QUESTION.”

I.F. Stone

Personal Wisdom:

What is your long-term vision? What is your big

Societal Wisdom:

What is the goal of our society? What is the question all of us
are answering with our actions?

a Moment with Sharif…


All of you know my “big enough question”: How do we create a world that works for all beings?

Consider William McDonough’s “big enough question”: How can we love all of the children, of all species, for all time?

Or, my friend Mark Anielski’s “big enough question”: How can we create an economy based on enduring happieness, an economy based on love?

These questions are obviously “big enough”… I’m not sure you can get bigger than these!

We tend to be focused on goals and objectives we can see… getting the next raise, finishing a remodeling project, graduating from college… These are interim steps, not final results.  In these confusing times, we tend to confuse our interim steps with our final objectives. We go to college, thinking that’s our final destination – when its not. (We believe the story we’re told… that a college education is a necessity in order to get “a good job”. How many college graduates do you know who are working jobs that don’t require a college education?)

The “big enough question” is a TRANSCENDENT question… something that transcends your own life as an individual. Your transcendent question unites you to the world beyond your own life. Your “big enough question” is something that challenges your attitudes and assumptions, and is something that makes your life worth living.

Good luck in your search!




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To envision and implement a transformation of human societies, one radical enough to match the times, inclusive enough to heal humanity and all other beings, and visionary enough to propel us to the next step of human evolution.


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  1. Chuck Willis says:

    Questions are infinite, like the divine. Answers are finite, based on today’s consciousness and understanding. They “begin” (with relevance) when first we discover them, and they “die” when our unfolding consciousness discovers a new and deeper answer tomorrow.

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