Friday, 11 March 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…


“Love is letting go of fear.

Control is the fear of letting go.”

Sharif Abdullah

Personal Wisdom:

WHAT do you try to control? Would it upset you if you lost control over it? Why?

WHO do you try to control? Do your  attempts at control bring peace or conflict? What would happen if you stopped trying to be in control?

Do you control yourself? From what? What would happen if you relaxed your control, but held your intentions?

Do you attempt to control your self-image (what/how people think about you)? Why? What would happen if they “saw” the “real you”?

Societal Wisdom:

Most of our society’s resources (time, money and talent) are spent maintaining a military that tries to control the world. Why? What are we afraid of?

What would happen to our society if we let go of the need/ desire to control others?

What would a society dedicated to love look

a Moment with Sharif…


I think this issue of “control” is one of the most powerful challenges we face, as individuals and as a society.

At an early age (perhaps in the womb), we are taught not to trust.  I see parents every single day, believing that they are “protecting” their children by telling them that the world cannot be trusted. That their own intuition cannot be trusted.  That GRAVITY can’t be trusted.

I see people spending inordinate amounts of time in a futile effort to control others… and to control themselves. I know this routine well… I was one of them.

As a teenage alcoholic, I knew what it meant to be out of control. So, when I decided to give up that life, I thought that I had to maintain rigid control over my actions, or else I would wind up at the bottom of a wine bottle again.

I eventually learned to replace control with love. When I fully loved myself, I did not have to maintain that control over my behavior – my love for myself made sure that I did not harm

We live in a society that confuses love and control. But, if we truly love, and we truly understand the Source of that love, we can let go and allow true growth to take place. The growth of the ones we love – including and especially ourselves.



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