Wednesday, 2 March 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…



There are only two ways to live your
life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

“The only thing that makes sense is if the universe is beautiful and simple and

Garrett Lisi

Personal Wisdom:

What are the miracles of your life? List them in two categories:

  • Extra-ordinary, supernatural and/or inexplicable events.
  • Everyday events that are to you

Where is the beauty in your life? The simplicity? The elegance?

Societal Wisdom:

Do you have any experiences (in any country or culture) of people recognizing and/or honoring miracles? (I would suggest you discount the “Jesus image on the toast” variety of “miracle”.) What are those miracles? How are they honored?

Do you have any experiences (in any country or culture) of people searching for beauty, honoring simplicity, recognizing elegance?

a Moment with Sharif…


Einstein & Lisi: two theoretical physicists, one of the 20th Century and the other of the 21st Century. They also happen to be spiritualists and poets.

What is a “miracle”?

Let me give you a couple of entries from my “miracle” book:

  • A baby caribou, at one day old, can outrun a fully grown, hungry and determined
    wolf. (There’s truly amazing footage of this, on the “Planet Earth” series…) This ability cannot be explained by “evolution”… why didn’t rabbits develop this ability?

  • There are lots of examples of people developing super-human strength in a crisis:
    the woman who lifts a car off of her child.

  • The calcium molecule is very powerful and amazingly binding. It likes to bond with
    itself. There’s only one place in the Universe where calcium atoms don’t bind… inside your kidneys. If they did, you would have died at two days old.
    Scientists don’t know why calcium misbehaves… but it does.

  • A bumblebee gets its fat butt off the ground and in the air. It’s too heavy to fly, and its wings are too small. According to scientists, it literally should not be able to fly… but it does.

  • Ice floats. It is the only substance in the Universe that expands when it gets hot and expands when it gets cold. If it didn’t… Life would be impossible.

These (and many, many other instances) cannot be explained by “evolution”. There’s only one explanation… one that gets most scientists twitchy… THE LAWS OF PHYSICS BEND TOWARD LIFE.

Most scientists act as though nothing is a miracle… if something is unexplained, its just that they haven’t come up with the right theory, the right test, the right experiment. They haven’t yet broken the code. They are the “Breaker” scientists…

Einstein and Lisi are examples of “Mender” scientists… while looking for answers, they do not lose their sense of wonder at the Mystery and awe in the face of the Intelligence of
the Design.



PS: The photo of Saturn (backlit by the Sun) holds a very special surprise. Look at the outer ring (of water vapor and invisible from Earth), then one more ring inward. Look around the ten o’clock position… see that little dot? That’s… us. That’s the Earth, from 1,000,000,000 miles away. Everything that we know, everything that we ARE, occupies exactly nine pixels on the photo. If that doesn’t make you humble, nothing will.

PPS: Google “Cassini Saturn” for all of the beautiful Saturn photos. Feel free to download your own copies… your tax dollars already paid for them!

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Sharif Abdullah photo: Lisa Norton

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One Response to Wednesday, 2 March 2011

  1. Maja says:

    Sharif, as I read your piece today, my heart swelled. Thank you for the reflection and reminder.

    Sometimes the glimpse of Life is so mind-bogglingly perfect. At the same time it gives me breath ~ it also takes my breath away. Awe. I am in deep awe.

    Every moment of living and breathing is a miracle. Every cell in my being, every molecule that exists, and every space between ~ knows it place and is doing its thing to support everything else. How can this be? Whatever it is that created this MIRACLE, I bow to you with all of me, and I know you are everywhere, in everything, You are Me. I am You. We are ONE.

    I give thanks for the blessing and the beauty of this moment, right here, right now, and for all of the gifts unfolding into this incredible time. This moment, and all moments are constantly giving with all the potential that created this Universe. How much can we receive, and how much can we give? Can we be the channels through which it (this potential) flows? Can I?

    In this moment I acknowledge the ancient wisdom in each of our indigenous souls. May we continue to awaken and to remember the truth and power of our being and know ~ we have not only the challenge of calling forth our response-ability and creativity ~ but there is also the JOY that is available and comes as we open our hearts and allow Love to reach across all borders.

    It is Love that will finally guide the way teaching us to share the abundance in which we live and to create a World that truly works for all.

    May I bring all I am to all I do this day. May consciousness and awareness call forth the very highest and best I have to offer, and may I share this with all whose lives my life touches.
    If this be true for each of you, Today we change the world. 🙂

    What is alive in you today? For me, it is Love.

    Sweet blessings,

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