The Praxis Exercises, an Overview

The Praxis Exercises…

an Overview

Why Practice?

THE PRAXIS EXERCISES… Welcome to the practice of the 21st Century!

The Praxis will free us from the consciousness of “I can’t”.

  • It’s easy to THINK about things and believe we are DOING something.
  • It’s easy to talk about things that don’t matter.
  • It’s easy to make a gesture that no one sees.
  • It’s easy to stage a protest in the “Designated Official Protest Zone”, or push a button that sends yet another unread email to a Congressman.
  • It’s easy to be afraid.

These empty gestures make you WEAK, just like someone who doesn’t move off of the couch has weak muscles, or someone eating empty calories has no energy.

The Praxis is your connection to “The Society of the Possible”.

  • We listen to the problems so much, its hard for us to hear the solutions… even when they’re right in front of us.
  • We’re so connected to old, antequated and dysfunctional ideas, we begin to confuse them for “reality”.

If we are going to change the world, we need to EXERCISE! We can wait for the turbulence to hit us, or we can learn how to move creatively and
positively through turbulence… before it hits!

Just like your muscles won’t get strong without exercise and nutrients, your spiritual, mental and emotional muscles won’t get strong without
disciplined, coordinated activities to strengthen them. That’s why we offer Praxis.

What will we do in

The Praxis?

Together we will practice what it means to live in the 21st Century. Together, we will gain the understanding and practice the skills to become leaders of the new millennium.

Benefits to The Praxis include:

  • Heightened awareness
  • Greater inclusivity
  • Deeper and more effective leadership
  • Enhanced internal focus and clarity
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability
  • Improved balance and centering
  • A focused, rational and disciplined mind
  • More inner peace
  • Support for self
  • Support for community
  • Greater sense of belonging and connection
  • Greater empathy

How to Practice

You will receive The Praxis Exercises once per week. Do all of these exercises within one week. Make sure you exercise all of your muscle groups! Done properly, the exercises should take 1-3 hours per week of your time.

When asked to respond to questions, write them into the “Comment” sections, so that you can share your comments and observations with others in the Praxis. (If you would like to respond anonymously, send your response to me, and I will post it under my name.)

Keep a personal journal of your experiences. The idea of the Praxis Exercises is that you will get better at practicing the elements of a new society. A personal journal will chart your progress over time.

Write down when and where you experience internal resistance. Thoughts like “I’m too busy to meditate” or “My neighbors won’t be interested in this” or “I’ll think about this tomorrow” are all different ways internal resistance manifests itself.



Signing up…

If you would like to sign up for “The Praxis Exercises”, simply CLICK HERE! to go to the sign-up form. Fill it out, check the appropriate “Commonway Praxis” boxes, click “submit” and you will then receive future weekly offerings!


To envision and implement a transformation of human societies, one radical enough to match the times, inclusive enough to heal humanity and all other beings, and visionary enough to propel us to the next step of human evolution.

Commonway Institute

for Societal Transformation

PO Box 12541

Portland, OR 97212

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  1. I was unable to officially sign up on this site…I hope this is enough info to get me started. Please let me know what else to do? thanks so much ! Sunny

    • admin says:


      Thanks for pointing out a gap! Most people enter the site another way. I’ll correct this… In the meantime, go to and fill out the information and check the boxes. (I recommend checking all 4 boxes… you can always manage your subscription to opt out if you wish.)

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