Monday, 7 February 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…




“Tell the truth faster.

Be honest faster.

Love instantly.

Sharif Abdullah

Personal Wisdom:

When in your life do you say what you know to be not true? What are the circumstances where you find this necessary?

Do you think of yourself as an “honest” person? Do others think of you as such?

Are there circumstances where you fall short of your own standards of truth, love and honesty?

What prevents you from “loving instantly”? Does your loving depend on a reaction from the Other?

Societal Wisdom:

As a society, do we tell the truth to others? To ourselves?

Do our societal systems and structures reflect truth, honesty and love? If not, what do we practice as a society?

a Moment with Sharif…

Someone once said to me, “Whoever you are lying to, and whatever it is you are lying about, is more important to you than God. That person or thing BECOMES your God”. That’s when I stopped lying.

That actually wasn’t all that hard. What’s harder for me is to always express my DEEPEST truth. I’ve come to realize in myself that I can use a shallow “truth” to mask a deeper, more painful one. Like saying to someone who wants to meet with me, “I’m sorry, Joe; I have an appointment at that time”.  While that is true, what’s deeper than that is that I would rather not meet with Joe, that I find Joe unpleasant or disturbing in some way.

In this way, my shallow “truth” becomes a lie – the excuse to avoid honesty.  When I see myself doing this, I have to stop, peel back the wrappers and deal with my own internal issues that prevent me from being fully present with my Other.

I invite you to explore your own deepest truths in this way.



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  1. Have added this as the quote to my personal email signature. Seems appropriate in advance of Valentine’s to make these deep connections in thought and behavior. Thank you.

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