Friday, 28 January, 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…




Everything you think about…

everything that you CAN think about…

masks Reality.

Sharif Abdullah

Personal Wisdom:

What we call “reality” is a set of culturally based beliefs and assumptions based on sensory inputs from various sense organs.

Sometimes, in deepest meditation, that “mask” slides away and we can have a profound and direct experience of “REALITY” – the essence of being and “such-ness”.

Have you ever had that experience? What were the conditions? How long did it last for you? Is that an experience that you can
repeat? That you WANT to repeat?

Societal Wisdom:

Where would we be as a society if we were able to focus on the deep questions, to get past our “mask” of reality?

a Moment with Sharif…

The Polynesians were great navigators, traveling thousands of miles in small canoes to explore and inhabit the hundreds of small islands scattered in the Pacific.

We know this. We know they traveled without compass or sextant, and (big clue!) that they carried exactly enough food to get to an island they had never been to!

How could they do this? Western/Breaker scientists try to come up with all sorts of sensory-based explanations for how they could “see” an island 500 miles away, below the horizon.

The answer is simple: they did not use their senses. They used their KNOWING. By
lifting the “mask” of their thinking, by directly opening themselves to the ALL, they would “know” where they were in relationship to EVERYTHING.

It is interesting that the Polynesians lost this ability when the Western explorers arrived. The explorers broke the connection to the All. (That’s one reason why I refer to those who hold that consciousness as “Breakers”.) Another interesting fact: THEY ARE REGAINING THE ABILITY!

All humans, all beings, have the capacity to become One with All. It is etched into our DNA – it is our birthright. Time to take off the masks and KNOW.



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2 Responses to Friday, 28 January, 2011

  1. Hello, obligatory skeptic again, I gain insight from your daily posts. I understand the “mask” and that to get beyond it sometimes happens in the subconscious and can be worked on with the conscious. The KNOWING as for the Polynesian sailors, that I don’t get. How do we KNOW that they didn’t know how far and how much food? How do we know that hundreds or more, unrecorded, didn’t perish learning how to navigate? My mask of reality prevents me from being “one with the all” but not from striving to find how the mask limits (and helps) me daily. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Good question, Rosalinda. The simple answer is that, in their own cultural history, the “scattershot” approach to exploring is completely absent. The migration of the South Pacific explorers is well documented. Losing significant numbers to exploration errors is NOT part of their history. In their story, Explorer Team A goes out to unknown island, lands, and COMES BACK.

      And… I’ve got LOTS of other information, from other cultures, that proves the point. Try this one: Ugandan children are born “potty trained”. They are carried in a back sling and they NEVER foul their carrier. When I asked Ugandan women how they knew to take the baby out for their toilet break, they could not answer me… they thought it was a stupid question! Their reply: “How do you know when YOU have to go to the toilet?” They are not “separate” from their babies, like the Polynesian sailors are not “separate” from the sea.

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