The Commonway Mission…


To envision and implement a transformation of human societies, one that is:

1. radical enough to match the times,

2. inclusive enough to heal humanity and all other beings, and

3. visionary enough to propel us to the next step of human evolution.

Praxis… Translating Values and Vision into Action.

(for more on Praxis, go to menu tab “The Praxis Emerges”)

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2 Responses to The Commonway Mission…

  1. John Powers says:

    I really enjoyed the comments made by Sharif. You seem to have gone through much of what you recommend as a way toward transformation. I am struggling to bring a new paradigm to education that will make schooling the auxilliary practice it truly is in an individual’s educational process. I am happy to incorporate some of your powerful words of wisdom and practice into my consultant business. Thanks again and hope to see you at a live event some time.

    John Powers,
    Reality Checks Consulting

  2. smokeshifter says:

    You are a wonderful guide and a kindred spirit…your presence is my presence…your god is my god.

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