Friday, 21 January 2011

a Moment for Wisdom…



Stop hanging on to the inadequate.

Stop seeking what you already have.


Personal Wisdom:

Some things in your personal life are obviously inadequate… the clothes that no longer fit, the broken chair in the garage that you’re going to fix “one of these days”.

Other things may not be so obvious. Are there things that, by their very function, tie you to a society or a point of view that is no longer
functional in our world?

What about intangibles? Are you hanging on to inadequate thoughts and beliefs? Just
because they are comfortable does not make them TRUE or appropriate for the 21st Century.

Societal Wisdom:

As a society, are we paying attention?

Do we pay attention to the ever-increasing numbers of people
begging for crumbs on the street corners of virtually every American city?

Does our boast that “America’s #1” blind us to the realities that lie ahead?

What should we be paying attention to?

a Moment with Sharif…

I had a T-shirt once… it held such fond memories that I could not bear to part with it. My wife used to sneak it into the trash can, under the garbage. Like radar, I always knew and rescued it. (Other things led to our divorce, but that T-shirt certainly didn’t help!)

The point of the T-shirt: I KNEW that it was inadequate, I knew why I clung to it, and I knew the memories that it evoked for me. I was paying attention.

The purpose of today’s quote and questions is to get you to think about removing the clutter from your life, for you to own the adequate by discarding that which is not.

On the societal level: think about the “stuff” that clutters our ability to move forward. An over-bloated military stuffed to the gills with all the stuff that kills. Political leaders stuffed with inadequate ideas, ones that were in vogue a half-century ago.

It’s time for us to stop seeking what we already have. It’s time for us to stop seeking
those who will lead us out of this Mess. If you are still wondering who’s going to do it, get up from your computer and walk over to your mirror.

Pay attention.



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Today’s Quote: Sharif Abdullah

Sharif Abdullah photo: Lisa Norton

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